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Viagra World Sales Data

In 2010, the “Viagra” was the third most popular-selling drug in Russia: it was sold for $ 117 million Global sales of approximately $ 2 billion in the first eight months of 2011, sales of “Viagra” in Russia increased in value by 14% to $ 86.7 million, with a decrease in sales of 6.8%, according [...]

viagra canada

Faq about Viagra Canada

Perhaps, when it comes to Canadian Viagra tablets in general, necessarily need to talk more about what exactly it does, because not all people who come to the Canada pharmacy online for pills, know what to do with them and what how they work. Therefore, we will quickly provide answers to all the questions that [...]

Viagra oral jelly Canada

Viagra oral jelly is a drug manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Ajanta Pharma to combat erectile dysfunction, disease, more common name is impotence. Viagra oral jelly has the same effect as the pill. How Viagra oral jelly helps overcome impotence? With the help of sildenafil canada, which is the main ingredient in the drug (as [...]

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